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Anne Lebauer
Founder and Board Secretary

I started spending many hours a day with children of all ages when I became a private piano instructor 25 years ago.  I taught in the summers during my undergraduate degree program and then began teaching full time after graduate school in my mid- twenties. 


Because I didn't have children of my own until I was in my late 30's, I poured all of my energy into my piano studio and informally studied children and their parents for 20 years.  Having over 60 students at the peak of my studio, I had quite a diversity of children to observe.  I also had the benefit of teaching the same children from ages 6 to 18 and was able to watch them develop and mature over time. 


After having 2 children of my own--now a six year old boy Emil and a 4 year old daughter Anya--my theoretical ideas about parenting have now become an applied  reality.  My passion is to foster self-discovery and self-reliance in my own children and the children that I teach. 

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