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About The Program

About KOOP Saturday Program

Do you have a curious kid who would love to have a say in what projects they get to explore? KOOP is launching CU's first child- directed, playful project co-op! This program will involve parental help, volunteers from the community sharing their knowledge and a project- based curriculum designed, voted on and led by the children participating! There will only be 12 spots available for this first year! Email us now to make sure your kids don't miss out on the fun!




2nd Saturday of each month,

September- May from 9am-12pm


Locations will likely change each month, depending on the current project.



tuition forOct- May

More Info

Contact Kelsey 

To Register:

complete the form and send it to our email  or the address on the form


Q: What is a co-op?  Aren't those just for homeschoolers?

A:  In this setting, a co-op is a group that functions with the support and volunteer help of parents, alongside the instructor.  Co-ops are used in the homeschool community, but they're used elsewhere too- think co-op grocery stores, produce farm co-ops, etc.  A co-op is a great way to be a part of a small community and do something unique together!  In this setting, it also means that there will be time for you to do an interesting project alongside your child!


Q: My kid goes to school 5 days a week, why would I send them to a learning program on Saturdays?

A: In a traditional school model, kids are on the receiving end of the curriculum.  KOOP is excited to offer kids a time and place where they get to dictate what projects are explored. We believe that children are capable and curious and our goal is to create an exciting program that instills confidence in children and their abilities to learn on their own terms.


Q: How can you get 12 kids to work on their own projects, together?

A:  If our group is not in agreement, we will work to vote down to 1 or 2 projects so that the group can make the most of their time together.  We will encourage kindness and cooperation in our conversations about planning the next months activities. 


Q: Can I enroll for only a few months?  What if I miss a month?

A: With a new program, we are unable to make allowances for absences.  We will keep our schedule for the 2nd Saturday to allow for far- out planning and we hope that everyone enrolled will prioritize this time.

How to Register
Monthly Updates

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