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Help Us Become a Non-Profit

KOOP Federal Non Profit Campaign

We've worked hard for the last 2 years so that your kids can play hard in a space of their own, based on their own interests and ideas.   To continue plowing forward with initiatives and amazing growth, we need to apply for grants, accept donations as a federally registered non profit organization.

Now ... we need your help  to apply for federal non- profit status!  


To file our non- profit paperwork, we need $1700.  That's no small change!

Here is the breakdown of our expenses:

  • $850 IRS filing fee 

  • $750 professional consultation on paperwork and organization's structure

  • $100 Gofundme fee charges (roughly 6%)

All money raised goes straight towards this very specific effort.  We are asking you to partner with us financially as we work to better our community of Champaign- Urbana.  Please help us reach this major goal so that we can continue to provide amazing, child- directed play opportunities for years to come! 

(1 winner in $50 category, 1 winner in $100 category. Values based on current camp costs, values could change, but we will honor 50% off and 100% at whatever cost the camps are advertised at for Spring 2017 and Summer 2017.)

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