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What's Needed?



Materials Needed

At KOOP we need your donations! Let us know if you have any of the following and we will make sure to come and get it! LOOSE PARTS are items that can be moved changed and altered to however the participant sees fit. They liberate the imagination and creativity of the playing child. 

Got stuff we need? Contact Us and we'll coordinate a pickup!

  • Duct tape

  • Wood stumps

  • Kitchen cookware (pots, pans, ladles, spoons, cupcake tray, cookie tray...)

  • Tools (rakes, shovels, watering can, brooms)

  • Cardboard tubes

  • Dress up clothes (hats, glasses, ties, capes, wigs, scarves- open ended gear only)

  • Canvas tops

  • Nuts and bolts

  • Flooring

  • Rug samples

  • Wood chips

  • Heavy duty containers (that can be reused/for storage/all sizes)

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Rope or string

  • Fabric

  • 2*4 Planks of wood

  • Wooden spools

  • Milk crates

  • Old cameras (working or not)

  • tires (not car tires) bike, tractor

  • Old playground equipment

  • Clips and clasps

  • Thick sticks or logs

  • PVC tubes and connectors

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