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Jr. Playworkers

Because PLAY is a necessity for all ages!

KOOP is expanding our Jr. Playworker program!  We believe that play is a vital part of life for all ages! But sometimes in this in-between age range, play gets "squashed" in pursuit of "more serious" matters. But play IS serious!

This summer we'll create a space for 12-14 year olds to engage in play, pursue their creative whims, learn about playwork philosophy, begin exploring and observing care-taking and help with some logistical aspects of our site.

Jr Playworkers will:

  • Go through a training and site-building session on May 30.

  • Help with set up and clean up duties and simple maintenance needs throughout the day

  • Be encouraged to play through the day! We want the focus of this program to still be play- even for the 12-14 year olds! 

  • Learn about being a team-member and gain experience 

  • Receive a certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation

Parents of

Jr. Playworkers:

This requires your support too!

We are responding to a voiced and observed need for play provision to 12-14 year olds!  We want to make sure they have a chance to play adventurously, pursue their passions and have fun while they're also developing responsibility, gaining experience, learning about playwork philosophy and interacting with other kids. 

Kids don't "age out" of the need to play! But they do feel societal and cultural pressures to be more serious, only engage in technology or activities that have an adult agenda. This is their chance to pursue their own creativity and continue on their path of self- discovery while having an amazing summer and gaining experience.


WHO: 12-14 year olds

HOW:  Registration options:


WHERE: 51 Gerty Drive, Champaign

WHY: Because play is important.


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