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Kelsey Langley

Executive Director

Lead Playworker

For over 4 years, Kelsey has been applying her background in Business Management and Organizational Development to KOOP Adventure Play as its Founder and Executive Director. Her experience as an unexpected homeschooling mom fostered a passionate belief in the vital importance of self-discovery and play in a child’s education. Kelsey blends her passions for community development, self- directed play, alternative education, event planning and entrepreneurship in the creation of KOOP and planning its future in the community and beyond. Kelsey’s work is focused on supporting children during their self-directed play and exploration, regardless of their particular educational path. As part of KOOP, she has designed programming and content, collaborated with many community partners and sought to make play a key pillar in her favorite cities of Champaign- Urbana. Kelsey continually studies to perfect her craft of playwork and daily learns a lesson from the sweet children around her. When she is not working, playing with kids or homeschooling, you can find Kelsey with her husband, daughter and puppy somewhere outside exploring.

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