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In School KOOP Time

About The Program

About The Program

KOOP- Kid Owned & Operated Play is a non-profit that strives to provide opportunities for self- directed play for children & youth.  In addition, to our Adventure Play Afterschool program and camps, our partnership with University Primary School will expand to include KOOP Time during the school day.  We will bring out loose parts, or projects decided on by the kids, during a time where their play is the priority under the gentle supervision of playworkers.  We create a safe place with ample time, materials and freedom for kids to explore their interests, synthesize their growing knowledge base and create what they’re dreaming about—all through self-directed play.


K-5th grade


Each Class gets alternate Tuesdays


University Primary School

51 Gerty Dr.

Champaign, Il, 61821

Monthly Updates!

Monthly Updates

KOOP Afterschool Program Photo Album

Photo Album
Up In The Trees
Stringing It Up
Cardboard Play
Muddy Feet
Playing Around
Cooling Off
Tubes and Pipes
Building and Constructing
Pipes and Poles
Cardboard Pipes
Monkeying Around
Stringing Up Hammocks
Playing Hard
The Blueprints
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