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Naomi Sukenik
Founder & Board President

I am always up for an adventure. I have a passion for education, outdoors and play. I strive to enrich children's lives with as much outdoor unstructured play as possible while sharing my ideologies with others.

I studied special education and quickly realized that the classroom was not my domain; I belong outdoors and love climbing and hiking. I became affiliated with an organization whose main purpose is to provide equal opportunities for those with disabilities by using extreme sports as a learning tool. I became an expert with ropes--building rope parks, ziplines, and more--while working with children. 

Later I became specifically interested in Early Childhood and children at risk. I became the Director of Early Childhood at a community center as my MA is in NGO Management. I also established a Center for Children at Risk.

I advocate as a mother of three, a playworker and an educator to create a reality where children get to truly indulge and experience their childhood, allowing them to play freely, discover and explore- Play is a priority. I  believe that children thrive through play.   I hold nature play dear to my heart. I find the vast amount of loose parts to manipulate and the exploration that occurs makes the outdoors one of the greatest play environments.  I  Founded KOOP in order to make sure my children and others know that play and the outdoors is essential for their overall well being!

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