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Kelsey's Reflections on Spring Break Camp

One of the core beliefs of KOOP is that kids need to spend time in nature. We decided during the planning stages for Spring Break Camp 2016 that we would advise parents to send extra clothes, boots and rain gear and that we would spend every possible second outdoors. The first morning was chilly, but kids came with lots of gear and we did exactly what we set out to do: we spent the majority of our time outside. Each day of the week was met with more and more willingness from kids to come outside and warm up in the sun by moving around. With the exception of some lightning- filled downpours, we got to enjoy the whole week in our outdoor space. I’m especially interested in kids playing with

KOOP Camp on local news CiLiving

We are so proud of our amazing Spring Break Camp. The kids enjoyed tremendously and so did our Play Team. Ryan Burke from CI Living came out to see what KOOP is all about. You can see the story here: http://www.illinoishomepage.net/ciliving/koop-adventure-playground

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