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Kelsey’s Top 4 picks of Summer Camp Fun

Summer camp 2016 was fantastic! This was our first year doing 4 weeks of camp as well as our first camp fully partnering with University Primary School and it was a huge success! We were lucky enough to witness play experiences that constantly blow my mind. Kids truly are amazing and will surprise you every single time with what they come up with completely on their own. We saw so many amazing things this summer: water play, muddy water play, potions from nature, nature art, zip lines, costumes, cardboard houses, sword fighting, obstacle courses, pulling each other on carts, fort making, art projects, bug collecting and lots of nature exploration. So many amazing play occurrences that it

Summer Fun Reflections

It was great. What else can I say? Kids who signed up for one week later signed up for another week and another. The kids played their way just like we write in our advertisements. It never ceases to surprise me watching this method in action. Watching the kids learning and developing through play was incredible. I witnessed kids engaged in different types of play, challenging themselves, learning to resolve conflict, interacting with new and old friends, taking risks, learning new skill sets and trying new things. The multiple age groups are fantastic: watching the older children lead as the younger ones are in awe of their ideas and then watching younger children take the lead while the o

KOOP Adventure Play Afterschool at Uni Primary

I am a play advocate. This means that I believe children have the right and need to play freely and independently in order to develop and learn without adult interference. When I look at kids today, I feel that they are getting a sour deal. They have pressures, limitations, boundaries, too much school work, no physical education classes, recesses are being obliterated and their play time is either on a competitive team or facilitated by an adult. They have very little or no freedom, have never felt bored, have busier schedules than their parents and are addicted to screens. Playworking is what we do in an adventure play setting. The Principles of Playworking state that we must trust the "inn

Global Cardboard Challenge is Back!

KOOP- Kid Owned & Operated play is hosting CU’s 2nd Annual Cardboard Challenge in collaboration with The Imagination Foundation! We are inviting the public to join this day of play as we celebrate children’s creativity and free play. We will be one of thousands of communities from all around the world playing on the same day to commemorate Caine's Arcade. We’d love for your school or community group to join us! Here’s how: Gather a team! These can be any size and can be composed of a class, a group, a family or friends! Choose a theme for your creations! Instruments, animals, robots- anything! Or no theme! Gather Materials! Gather your cardboard and other loose parts. Tape, fabric, clot

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