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September - October News AdventurePlayAfterSchool (APAS)

As you all know over the course of this month your children were involved in creating for the Global Cardboard Challenge. We started slow by introducing them to various building materials. We offered tape, cardboard and tubes and waited to see what creations and innovations would begin. The following week we showed them "Caine's Arcade" to inspire them through one boy's cardboard arcade creation. We left the materials out, and the following day we asked what things they would want to make. Interestingly, most wanted to make some sort of animal that they could sit in or wear. They had thoughts like: a dragon that blew smoke (WK), a Praying Mantis (MH), a spider robot (TS+ NW), a train that

Play Symposium: Digging Deeper

KOOP Directors Kelsey Langley & Naomi Sukenik were invited to speak at the Play Symposium: Digging Deeper in Ithaca, NY on September 30 & October 1, 2016. We were so thrilled to share about KOOP and what we’re doing in Champaign- Urbana. We went with a speech prepared to share stories about our challenges and successes as well as to invite open discussion about community buy-in and the differences in play in kids from differing socio- economic circumstances. We were thrilled to meet people who we had previously only met virtually, as well as so many new people from around the country who were passionate or curious about children’s play. We met mentor’s, trainers and people running amazing

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