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KOOP Winter Break Camp

Imagine a camp where kids are given the freedom, space and materials to build, create and play their way! Projects are offered, yet kids lead with their ideas and take ownership over the project outcomes. In KOOP's one of a kind camp, kids have access to a multitude of Loose Parts to create, build and experiment freely! The kids will learn constantly by doing and pursuing their specific interests! Themed activities like Kinetics: Marble Roller Coasters, Scene Sewing, Scientific Experiments, Baking, Fort Building and more will be offered. Where: University Primary School 51 Gerty Drive, Champaign Il When: Session One: Dec. 21-23 Session Two: Jan. 2-4 Time: Full Day: 8:30-5:30 Half Day: 8:3

Donate your time, materials or funds to support MORE PLAY in our community!
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