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KOOP becoming a non-profit

We are two days into our GoFundMe campaign and are more than half way there. We don't want to lose momentum as we work towards our goal of applying for federal non- profit status. Achieving this goal sets us up to write grants and accept donations, as well as establish a board and continue growing. We are so grateful to our supporters and those who would like to see more child led activities in our CU community. Brought to you by KOOP's enthusiastic APAS (Adventure Play After School) kids- a movie: Our Story: KOOP- Kid Owned & Operated Play has worked hard for the last 2 years so that your kids can play hard in a space of their own, based on their own interests and ideas. Now… we need you

Spring Break Camp

Give your kids a unique opportunity to grow, learn and explore through self- directed play with our Spring Break Adventure Play Camp! Some of the options we will have: Variety of Loose Parts, Tinkering with Electronics, Sculpting, Building with various materials, Exploring Nature, Cooking, Investigating, Sewing & Crafting, Painting, Science Experiments, Wood Working and so much more! By offering so many options, KOOP truly has something for every child. We present the options and let the children choose which one is right for them. Sometimes they use the materials in ways we never could have planned for and the innovation is always impressive! We are thrilled to be once again offering th

Donate your time, materials or funds to support MORE PLAY in our community!
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