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Playing It Up—With Loose Parts, Playpods and Adventure Playgrounds

Big news! KOOP is included in this amazing book! Playing It Up—With Loose Parts, Playpods and Adventure Playgrounds is a book that features play projects all over the country and is edited by Joan Almon.. We met Joan Almon at the Play Symposium in Ithaca, NY back in October 2016. We heard her speak and were immediately captivated! Joan founded the Alliance for Childhood (http://www.allianceforchildhood.org) and has over 30 years of experience advocating for children’s right to play. After the conference, we spoke with Joan about our passions for play and about our wish that this tangible passion at the conference could be expanded upon, plans made and followed through, etc. Joan thought


KOOP’s Summer Adventure Camps Unique options and materials give your kids a chance to explore their own interests in a supportive and encouraging environment. Uninhibited by age groupings, we offer kids from 5-14 (flexible) the chance to work together and form friendships otherwise unlikely while focused on interesting and collaborative projects that are adaptable to each child’s own desired outcome. Check out our offerings and keep in mind that the kids may use these materials to bring their own ideas to reality- we support kids playing their way! Week 1 June 5-9, Construction Week: WEEK 1 is FULL!! Intro to collaboration of age groups, but also split projects. Age 5-9 Project materials

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