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Tasha (from TN) joins KOOP!

From Tasha our new playworker: I came up to Urbana, Illinois during KOOP’s winter camp. Also the coldest weekend in January. I graduated from University two short weeks before, and I was eager to get back into the world of Adventure Play. Kelsey let me spend a day with the kids during camp to check out the atmosphere of KOOP. As I walked into the winter camp, I realized it was everything I could have hoped for in an adventure play space (except being outside, because of the record freezing temperatures). There were snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, “homes” made of boxes and fabric, a space for artistic creations, a station for tinkering and taking objects apart, and an open area for play

KOOP Vision for Parents in 2018

As Executive Director of KOOP Adventure Play, I spend a lot of time thinking about where the organization is going and what we should focus on. I also spend a lot of time chatting with parents and sharing that vision. Recently, I spoke with a couple parents who didn’t know that we want to have our own location someday. That felt crazy to me because it’s something our board talks about at each meeting and is one of our major goals. But since we don’t share that with the public, we can’t expect you to know! So here are the things that are at the forefront of my mind in the coming year: Cheers to a great 2018! Spring break We are renting an exciting new space for Spring Break camp! We can’t

APAS February Newsletter

In these past two months your children have had endless opportunities to discover their selves by exploring who they are by trying out the different options available, playing with others and manipulating the ‘loose parts’ in any way they see fit for creating purposes. We have seen you children doing various types of play: Playing Family, Playing Restaurant, Dance parties- where they pick the music in turns, and go wild dancing, constructing with paper and glue, painting with water colors, Magnatile creations that turn into castles, stacking, tons of different ways to make forts, making things for the purpose of tearing them down, soccer, football, mud digging, hawk watching, fishing in mud,

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