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Serving children of all races, backgrounds, upbringings and histories, KOOP adamently stands up, stands with and supports the rights of BIPOC children (and adults). Right now, the focus of the world is on creating real change to end systemic police brutality against the black and brown communities. With far too many examples nationally and locally, I want to say clearly: KOOP is built on the principles of playwork which seeks to provide play for all, regardless of race or any other factor while acknowledging and dismantling barriers that prevent children and communities from being able to access play. And sometimes this work involves confronting racism in all its forms. We will stand up for

Playwork Collective

At KOOP's beginning, I remember the passion I felt from watching my own child discover her world through self- directed play opportunities. I was able to uphold this environment for her and couldn't shake the feeling that I wished more kids got to do this. I wanted this opportunity for discovery and creation supported by a caring person for every child in every community. Starting with my own community of Champaign-Urbana, my team started opening up spaces for children to play freely in small ways at events or in parks and libraries by hosting pop- up adventure playgrounds-- the namesake model of our trainers in playwork, Morgan and Suzanna of Pop-Up Adventure Play. And wow, the response was

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