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Playground Consulting

KOOP employs trained playworkers who look at the world and playground through a child's lens. Children look for a place to climb, swing  and hide. They want to build create and destroy. They want to have freedom, make friends, play together or sit alone. We have the knowledge and expertise to help make your playground enjoyable for every kid, their desires and interests. 

What is Playground Consulting?


Hiding spots- For your child,  the chance to indulge in pretend play or to escape to a secret hideout to a confined place that is small and safe designed by them for them.  “It is absolutely essential to remember that children need some time and space away from the adult gaze,” confirms Tim Gill, former former director of the Children’s Play Council. “  In their secret places, all kinds of imaginative processes come into play. At the same time, they are experiencing their first taste of independence.”  Whats great about this is they can be made from natural resources and become permanent or can be ever changing with other materials.

Loose Parts

Loose Parts are essential for the developing child. They are loosely defined objects that may become anything a child wants for his playing experience. Loose parts liberate the imagination and creativity of the playing children and allow them to master the world around them in ever-changing ways and communicate more effectively through their playing.

Pretend Play

Pretend Play is essential to all children as they learn to work out pieces of information that they have experienced or seen in real life. There are many ways pretend play can be incorporated within a playground. The picture portrays just one of many ideas possible for this type of play.

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