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Global Cardboard Challenge is Back!

KOOP- Kid Owned & Operated play is hosting CU’s 2nd Annual Cardboard Challenge in collaboration with The Imagination Foundation! We are inviting the public to join this day of play as we celebrate children’s creativity and free play. We will be one of thousands of communities from all around the world playing on the same day to commemorate Caine's Arcade.

We’d love for your school or community group to join us!

Here’s how:

  1. Gather a team! These can be any size and can be composed of a class, a group, a family or friends!

  2. Choose a theme for your creations! Instruments, animals, robots- anything! Or no theme!

  3. Gather Materials! Gather your cardboard and other loose parts. Tape, fabric, clothespins, toilet paper rolls, kitchen recyclable boxes- anything you can imagine!

  4. Start creating! You can use this as an activity in your group or just a reason to get together and play on the weekend. You can create early and then bring your creations to the event!

  5. Come play at Uni Primary! KOOP will host an event so everyone can share their creations, play with them AND give you the opportunity to build more! If you don’t have time to create ahead of time- no problem! Come anyway and use our “loose parts” as inspiration.

  6. RSVP on Facebook & Share your photos! Post photos before, during and after the event on our FB, Twitter or Instagram (@Koop_CU) using the hashtags #Koop_CU #CardboardChallenge #HighFive

When: Saturday, October 15. 10am- 1pm

Where: Uni Primary School. 51 Gerty Drive in Champaign, behind building

Contact Us Here!


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