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August - September Afterschool Update!

During the first weeks of afterschool we introduced your children to the idea of self-directed free play. The model for adventure play is influenced by evolutionary, therapeutic and developmental play theory and based on the assumption that: “Children’s play is freely chosen, personally directed behavior and motivated from within.”

This means we believe in the importance to offer children the opportunity to experience an environment where they are in charge, where they take ownership of their ideas, and actions, without or minimalizing adult facilitation, allowing them to play and to develop.

In addition to self-directed play we introduced “loose parts” to the children. Loose parts allow children to take an object that has a loosely defined purpose and use it to be anything that they want for their playing. So a cardboard box can be a room in a house, a rocket ship or a castle.

We were excited to see how your children used these materials and how one certain object changed throughout one day. I saw the dryer roll being used as a hiding place, a step, a drum and a device to roll in, all within the same day.

Your children got to use the pool, plumbing tubes, PVC pipes, cloth, Pilates balls, rope, clips, etc…They found bugs, swung on trees, made hammocks on trees and much more.

See the album below to get an idea what your child has been up to!

This Coming Month:

This coming month we have the Cardboard Challenge!

Join us October 15th at 10 am-1pm. Your kids will be invited to create a project with us using their own innovation, creativity and of course cardboard. They can also chose to continue playing freely with loos parts. This is a global celebration that will bring the C-U community together to play. If there is any way you can donate materials or time let us know.

For more info check the newsletter, or CONTACT US


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