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September - October News AdventurePlayAfterSchool (APAS)

As you all know over the course of this month your children were involved in creating for the Global Cardboard Challenge. We started slow by introducing them to various building materials. We offered tape, cardboard and tubes and waited to see what creations and innovations would begin. The following week we showed them "Caine's Arcade" to inspire them through one boy's cardboard arcade creation. We left the materials out, and the following day we asked what things they would want to make. Interestingly, most wanted to make some sort of animal that they could sit in or wear. They had thoughts like: a dragon that blew smoke (WK), a Praying Mantis (MH), a spider robot (TS+ NW), a train that exploded (AB), a dinosaur(NL), a cat dragon (MM) and more. We asked them what materials they needed to build these creations and they gave us a list. We supplied them with the materials needed- although I must admit I have no idea why they needed some of the materials they asked for like rainbow yarn:)

As a group, we decided on two projects to make alongside individual projects. Some decided to create, some began working on their projects and never finished, some created daily, some didn't make any. This was their decision. We could see some were very motivated and interested in the project while others preferred the freedom to do what they usually do- make a hiding spot in the trees, collect bugs or make forts. We saw that some wanted to make something and needed more facilitation so we gave it when they asked for it.

It was an interesting experience for us as playworkers to purposefully not interfere with the children's play flow and we were constantly checking ourselves to make sure we did not influence their interests, motivations and needs. We are all so used to having an end goal in mind, when we all know, that play (and life) is about the process and not the end result. See the Gallery of pictures below.

Next month at APAS:

This week and the past we have been preparing the students for our next project. The idea is Halloween related. We will make costumes and a 'Mystery House' for the entire school to participate. Again, as much as we have an idea in mind we will see where the kids lead us!

As you know we continue to go outside. Please make sure your children have weather appropriate clothing for playing in the wet, dirt, mud etc. A change of clothes (and socks) is useful this time of year.

Friday, November 4th will be Naomi's last day in anticipation of the new baby. Peg is known and loved by your children and will continue the adventure play philosophy using loose parts while letting the children take the lead of their experience. The volunteers that your children are familiar with will also still be present and active. In addition, Kelsey, Naomi's partner at KOOP will be partnering with Peg to continue the amazing Adventure Play Afterschool Program.

Towards the middle of November we will have a MAD SCIENTIST WEEK where we will allow the kids to experiment with different concoctions. We are still looking for one or two more parents who could offer to lead an experiment the week of Nov. 14-18. If you are interested, email me!

Until next time, enjoy the pics. You can see the whole album on our FB page here.

Stay tuned for more pics from the Global Cardboard Challenge!


Check out the gallery below and see how your kids were involved this month!


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