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January APAS

January brought an interesting mix to Adventure Play Afterschool. We had snowy days, rainy days, cold days, warm days and almost every day was a MUDDY DAY! We’ve had kids interested in loose parts and interested only in what they can find in the field.

We’ve had kids interested in swords and simply running in the hallway and other kids interested in magna tiles and Legos. We have an ongoing interest in personal art projects, so we go through a lot of paper, crayons & markers. (Thanks to a parent for donating extras!) In short, we’ve had kids interested in all our offerings from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Our curious kids discovered that after several days of rain, a lake appears out next to the field! Lots of kids joined in before changing clothes and warming up. Some kids had… interesting ways of keeping their clothes dry!

Part of being playworkers means that we are constantly reevaluating our environment and assessing what the kids need. We want this afterschool environment to provide a safe space for kids to unleash their creativity and dig into their own interests. We don’t want a program so full of rules that kids can’t feel freedom and sense of ownership over this time and space. But we also want to make sure that all kids feel secure enough in this setting to access their personal passions. So, this month we also took time together to go over our agreements as kids who come to KOOP. Ask your kids what KOOP’s 4 main agreements are and what they mean!

After one particularly tiring day of outdoor play, we had a homemade pizza day! The kids had so much fun making their own pizzas that we’re planning to do a cooking unit coming up soon!

We are seeing more and more play with natural loose parts like stumps, branches, etc. We have even seen some obstacle courses pop up throughout the playground. We are always accepting “donations” of old playground equipment (like this old slide!) and also large branches, stumps, etc. These are such versatile pieces that the kids use them over and over again!

We took a trip to the hills across from the iHotel and the kids loved the change of scenery. We took foam pool noodles and a few scooters with us, but half the fun was simply running up and down the “mountains”! We’ve had many requests to go back, so we may try that again!

Right around the corner is our Spring Break Camp make sure to send or bring in your registration to UPS.

Reminder : Please make sure your children are dressed in the proper attire for all changing weather with an extra change of clothes in case of muddiness or wetness.

January Gallery

be involved in some way! We will find a space to use you to make CU a more playful community!!

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