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Playing It Up—With Loose Parts, Playpods and Adventure Playgrounds

Big news! KOOP is included in this amazing book! Playing It Up—With Loose Parts, Playpods and Adventure Playgrounds is a book that features play projects all over the country and is edited by Joan Almon..

We met Joan Almon at the Play Symposium in Ithaca, NY back in October 2016. We heard her speak and were immediately captivated! Joan founded the Alliance for Childhood ( and has over 30 years of experience advocating for children’s right to play.

After the conference, we spoke with Joan about our passions for play and about our wish that this tangible passion at the conference could be expanded upon, plans made and followed through, etc. Joan thought we would be valuable additions to the North American Adventure Play Association (NAAPA) and invited us to a meeting. We attended, became members and joined committees. Without Joan’s invitation, we might not be so well connected with others in the play community. We are so grateful to have met her, been invited to NAAPA and now to be included in her fantastic book!

Also at that conference in Ithaca, Joan shared that she is putting together a book of all the up and coming play projects in the United States and she invited KOOP to be a part of her book. We were so excited to read more about the play movement in the US and to find our own play project right there alongside them! It’s amazing, inspiring and we’ve already read it several times!

You can download a free copy here

You can also purchase a hard copy for $24.00 here.

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