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KOOP In-School and After-School Adventure Play Program

Year 2 Adventure Play Afterschool!

Play every day! KOOP is so excited to be offering our second year of Adventure Play Afterschool (APAS) at University Primary School!

APAS is here to provide a completely child- led, play focused time for kids in a world where that time continues to shrink compared to previous generations. Each day we provide an ever-changing array of loose parts which allow kids to play their way! Some days we might have electronics and tools for tinkering. Depending on the child's ideas for that day we may fill up tubs with water or paint, use building blocks and legos for projects. The children can take advantage of the endless materials for their innovations, like: Cardboard, hammers & nails, fabric, pipes, and more! Occasionally our play will lead us on a field trip or to an interesting recipe. Its where ever and whatever the kids imagine. At KOOP anything can become a reality for your creative child.

It’s so important to prioritize child- led play so we are publicizing options to do 1 day a week all the way up to 5 days a week! As parent’s we try to provide enrichment activities like ballet, instrument practice and sports but KOOP wants to make sure that unstructured, child- directed play is given adequate time on your calendar! Let us provide an enriching play experience for your students- and let us worry about the mess!

Email us now if you have questions about our Adventure Play Afterschool program and don’t forget to keep an eye on KOOP for other programs like Saturday Club, and Winter, Spring, and Summer Adventure Play Camps!

KOOP Play Time at University Primary School

KOOP is thrilled to be bringing adventure play into the school setting all while creating built- in time for teacher planning. The perfect concept was born as KOOP Play Time at University Primary School!

Starting this September, KOOP will be present each week to provide an additional meaningful play experience with loose parts for all Uni Primary students during the school day. We will have classes for between 1.5-2 hours at a time- a great chunk of time when compared with schools nationwide caught up in a recess and play shortage.

We are honored to be brought in for this project and excited for all students to get to experience adventure play! We can’t wait to see how this play imp

acts the students’ capacity to absorb information when they return to class and on the culture of the school overall with the administration supporting this type of play. We will keep you posted throughout the school year!

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