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APAS February Newsletter

In these past two months your children have had endless opportunities to discover their selves by exploring who they are by trying out the different options available, playing with others and manipulating the ‘loose parts’ in any way they see fit for creating purposes. We have seen you children doing various types of play: Playing Family, Playing Restaurant, Dance parties- where they pick the music in turns, and go wild dancing, constructing with paper and glue, painting with water colors, Magnatile creations that turn into castles, stacking, tons of different ways to make forts, making things for the purpose of tearing them down, soccer, football, mud digging, hawk watching, fishing in mud, sledding and so much more.

This past week we emptied our shed and the kids were actively choosing new and old loose parts to their liking and enjoying tremendously the selection!

We have seen your children take on new adventures, try new things, challenge themselves, resolve conflicts and become more and more independent from us. We see this as a huge success as they learn, grow, and develop. The children have made new friends and strengthened old friendships. We are excited to see where they will lead us this next month.

As the weather has become more enjoyable we spend more time outdoors. There have even been a couple of days that we did not go inside at all! How fabulous? Children’s play using nature’s elements and providing ample amount of time outdoors will lead to a connection to nature and stewardship for the environment.


  1. Please make sure to send your kids with a change of clothes.

  2. Although it is warmer we will be spending many hours outside so make sure they are dressed warmly.

  3. Spring Break is coming up – if you haven’t registered yet, please make sure you do- we have an awesome location at Vineyard Church with a large outdoor area (no affiliation with the church). You can find more information and register here.

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