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APAS Year 3 + Hiring!

As we begin our third year of Adventure Play After School, we are seeing marked growth, record numbers of children attending and multiple families joining us from other schools.

Our days have been busy and full of child- led play. Otherwise unlikely but wonderful friendships are forged in this unique, multi-age range time with kids joining from preschool through 5th grade. When so many other groups are age- segregated, KOOP is able to offer a mixed age experience which proves time and time again to be beautiful offering for all involved.

With growth comes a need for a third trained playworker to join us 4-5 days a week in the after school hours, potentially random added day time hours. This person would likely also work our winter, spring and summer camps plus be involved in KOOP's community work. While we will only hire the right person, we do feel a need to find the right person quickly. Will you help us spread the word? Read on below.

Interested? Here are a few qualifiers to reflect on before emailing Kelsey: The ideal candidate would:

  • Have a fundamental belief that children are capable, trustworthy and competent.

  • Be comfortable adopting invisibility at times, leaving space for the children to fully own the environment. Our role is not necessarily one of authority.

  • Be self- reflective and willing to engage in conversation with team on how actions/presence impact the environment. Playwork is a new philosophy to this area and as such will require additional training, reading, reflecting & self- evaluation.

  • Be comfortable with children being leaders of the space.

  • Have an open mind to what play looks like and willing to join children, when invited, on their journey's and conversely willing to stay out of play when not invited.

  • Be a team player, knowing when to help others and when to ask for help.

  • Be playful, but mindful of our non-leader role. We don't entertain or interrupt play.

  • Communicate mindfully- with team members & children.

  • Flexibility to sit and actively listen and observe but also motivated to help with the physical aspects of the job.

Email Kelsey at to continue the conversation!

(I was crouched, taking a photo of something happening behind me {so covert!} when L approached. I sat my phone down but apparently didn't shut off the screen. He looked down and saw himself and hilarity ensued! --Kelsey)

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