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More Play Scholarship Drive

You're no doubt inundated with Year End Giving Campaign requests.... And it may seem premature to think about summer camp, but we want to make our immersive, child- directed, free play summer camp more accessible to all children.

This is where our plea comes in: Please consider donating to fund scholarship spots during every week of summer camp. Free play is so impactful for kids- building confidence, boosting resilience, allowing kids to pursue their interests freely with the gentle support of caring playworkers who engage with children in special and individualized approaches.

If you send your child to KOOP, please help make it possible for your neighbor's children to attend too.

If you don't have kids in KOOP but believe in the power of play, please donate to bring this meaningful experience to children in our community.

Donate HERE!

Thank you for your part in bringing meaningful play experiences to the lives of the children around you.

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