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KOOP wins Award!

KOOP's Board & 2 Playworkers

KOOP's Board of Directors, Executive Director and Playworkers are beyond excited to be recognized by the Junior League of CU and to receive the Community Impact Award for our work in Champaign- Urbana & beyond. You'll find KOOP hosting its own camps and after school programs, partnering with public parks and libraries, working with public schools and activating public spaces in the name of child- directed play. We've worked tirelessly to bring play to the children of CU and to educate adults on play provision and meeting children's needs.

What an unexpected but beautiful acknowledgement that this work is impacting the lives of citizens of all ages in Chambana. Thank you so much! We'll use this boost as motivation to keep moving and growing and reaching more of you!

#MorePlayInCU #KeepGoing #KeepGrowing #ForeverGrateful #ChambanaProud

Kelsey is beyond excited!

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