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Summer Adventure Play Camp:

In counting my many blessings, my mind goes straight to the children and families we served this year. I love this work so much and meeting children where they are, providing them an opportunity to bring their inner worlds out into the open is gratifying, humbling and a true privilege. From the bottom of my playworker heart, thank you. Thank you for coming to after school. Thank you for signing up for winter, spring and summer camps (and filling them all!) Thank you for meeting us all over town as we activate public spaces in the name of child- directed play. Thank you for raising money for scholarships last year that enabled 20 children to make our immersive, transformative adventure play camp more accessible. Thank you for giving your children the space to chase their dreams all summer long through play.

It's the time of year where every non-profit will send an appeal and we're no different. I could have sent mailers, sold objects, or launched something fancy for a fundraiser... but I'm again appealing to you as a playworker. If you follow our page, you know what happens here. You know that play is the language all children speak and the mode by which they process their world, synthesize their growing knowledge base, take measured risks and explore their individual interests. You know that our trained playworkers work gently and quietly to support each child in the way they need it while offering unconditional positive regard and holding an environment of freedom and emotional/physical/psychological safety.

This is powerful work, and all we want is to make it more accessible to those who need it. This fundraiser will be specifically for summer 2020. We're aiming high, with a lofty goal of $3000. $2000 will go straight to our More Play Scholarship Fund for summer camps. $1000 will be to bring more pop ups out into the CU community during summer 2020 and we'll be asking for your input on where to have those pop ups!

Will you join with us as we work for #MorePlayInCU?

We're going to give away one free week of half-day summer camp too! For every $50 donation you'll get an entry in this drawing!

Thank you so much for standing with us as we advocate for meaningful play experiences for our kiddos.

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