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Sneak Peek at PPC '20

By now you've heard of the Prioritizing Play Conference which has now moved online. This year's theme is "Relating to Play" and I'm thrilled to announce this lineup of folks who care about play and will share ways they relate to play in a way that can impact, expand or grow your own practice.

This entire conference has been an effort from the heart and I am full to the brim with hope that it will offer timely development opportunities for professionals who work with children across disciplines and help them create opportunities for "more play" in their setting. The world has so many uncertainties right now, but we know this truth: children still need to play. May this conference, full of amazing voices for play and thoughtful deep-dives, have an impact on the climate for children and play and on the practitioners charged with their care and well-being.

Speaker spotlights, bios, pictures and topics are coming soon. Read below for the first peek at the voices who will help us better Relate to Play:

Morgan Leichter- Saxby

Jill Wood

Ijumaa Jordan

Lisa Murphy

Angela Hanscom

Carla Gull

Harrison Pinckney

Ali Wood

Robyn Gobin

Erica Larsen- Dockray

Wendy Russell

Alex Cote

Mischelle Brown

Suzanna Law

Olivia Gray

Kelsey Langley

Beth Hogan

Susan Bane

Ali Lewis

Jeremiah Dockray

Yoni Kallai

+Several more being confirmed soon!

You should sign up now. All this amazing content starts in ONE MONTH!

I'm excited for the format of this conference because it's such a departure from the typical conference agenda which can leave you weary from travel, foggy in the brain and in need of a nap. This experience spread over 7 weeks will be a gentle walk as you think more deeply about what it means to offer intentional, playful provision for children. I truly believe that putting all these wonderful minds/professions/backgrounds together and inviting so many more attendees to join in the conversation will make this a transformative experience.

Sign up here!

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