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Week 2 PPC Agenda

The Prioritizing Play Conference is almost upon us an I can't wait to share all of our amazing speakers and their topics! Check out what we've cooked up for week 2:

Relating to Play as a Spatial Justice Issue:

Case Study with Kelsey Langley of KOOP Adventure Play:

Using my love language of story sharing, I'll open each week's content with a short story of play from my playwork experience that highlights the work we're about to dive into and sets the tone for where we're headed during the week.

Alex Cote, Playworker:

Stories from a children’s garden, an adventure playground, and a school playground about how adults can make more room for children’s play by thinking creatively about how people read space. Why weeds are valuable, clutter is freeing, and you have more space than you think you do.

Wendy Russell, Researcher, University of Gloucestershire

Rules for re-enchanting our relationship with play: an introduction to critical cartography. Critical cartography is all about mapping and mapping is all about space. This presentation looks at using mappings to think differently about how space works and therefore about how we as adults can work to create the conditions that support play. Seeing space as ‘produced’ rather than as a neutral container for action highlights the power issues in this production; that’s why this approach is one that sees playing as an issue of spatial justice.

Mischelle Brown, Humans2Nature:

Popping Up adventure play in unusual, unexpected and wild spaces exploring the opportunities for spatial justice in child’s play.

Suzanna Law & Morgan Leichter-Saxby, Pop-Up Adventure Play:

In an interview with Morgan and Zan, they share about their namesake model that is used around the world and how it might help you in your own setting. We chat through an array of topics centered around claiming space for children and play in a variety of settings including materials and considerations to make along the way.

Sign up here! We start on September 19!

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