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Week 5 PPC Agenda

We advocate for play as a right for children for its own merit. Play doesn't have to be educational because of anything the grown ups are doing necessarily because in play, kids are learning exactly what their mind, bodies and hearts need in that moment.

When a child is engaged in play, they're able to fully bring their inner thoughts, curiosities, interests and ideas in the world in a "safe" way at the just-right time for them. During week 5 we're going to hear from a few wonderful people who advocate for play and see the educational benefits that occur through child- directed play.

Relating to Play as the Truest Form of Education:

Case Study with Kelsey Langley of KOOP Adventure Play:

Using my love language of story sharing, I'll open each week's content with a short story of play from my playwork experience that highlights the work we're about to dive into and sets the tone for where we're headed during the week.

Dr. Ali Lewis & Ann Clare of University Primary School, a Reggio Emilia lab school at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:

Stories of witnessing and supporting child-directed play in a primary school setting and how teachers can trust and support playful learning. Ali & Ann are big supporters of KOOP and we're so lucky to work alongside them daily in the same school community.

Lisa Murphy, Ooey Gooey Inc.

A conversation with Lisa Murphy, known for her no-nonsense take on play in early childhood and her critique of "crap-tivities", we're chatting with Lisa about advocating for play exactly where you are.

Jeremiah Dockray, SCV Adventure Play

"Discover the place you’ve already been already!" is a presentation about recognizing play as the domain of children, and their primary space for learning. It’s a place you’ve been, but as an adult it is a constant struggle of allowing it to be, while still being able to approach and advocate it as a foreign observer. Along the way, we will look at how education itself has lost its trust of children by being afraid of them and prioritizing adult agendas.

One more speaker being announced really soon!

I'm still confirming this last speaker and so thrilled to share another passionate voice for play!

Sign up here! We start on September 19!

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