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OOPS! This web page is no longer the home for
Adventure Play at
University Primary School

Click here for the new Adventure Play at University Primary page. Adventure Play Summer Camp info will be released via that webpage soon! 

Contact Director of Adventure Play  

Kelsey at

for questions. 

Kids feel the difference here:

20210621_092419 (1).jpg

"We don't even have to ask to get water-- we just listen to our bodies! Isn't that the best?!"


"They let us go wild there! I was painting and swinging and making a pirate ship!"

20210702_143620 (1)_edited.jpg

"I like that you trust us here. And we can do what we want and just play!"

"We don't have to do anything but and can be whatever we want. I love KOOP Camp...."

"I like KOOP camp best because ... we can just play."

"KOOP camp makes me feel free..."

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