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Tomer Naar

Board Member

I’m the father of two amazing girls aged 8 and 4.  I keep reminding my girls that they can do everything and they can be whoever they wish to be. As a child I remember that I was able to explore freely and try many things that today are not available to our kids either because they are deemed unsafe or unruly

As the manager of a team I try to encourage my employees to free their mind and look outside of the box. I often remind them of their childhood, when there was no limits to our imagination and innovation.  I am sad to think that today's reality is so different then the one I led. Children are blocked by rules and limitations, structured and facilitated activities. 

Within the past ten years, living in different countries I am overly aware of how kids are growing up. I joined KOOP because I think they can make a difference in our community, for our families and to safegaurd the sacredness of childhood and youth. They do this by providing a safe haven for creativity, building confidence, freedom- where kids can simply be kids!

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