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What is an Adventure Playground?

An Adventure Playground is a unique environment where children have the materials and freedom to bring their imaginations to life, to pursue their interests and play their own way. This unique, mixed- age environment of permission and support can house all different play types. The space is filled with raw materials or "loose parts" that allow the children to continuously change and adapt the space based on their interests, abilities, ideas and motivations.  

An adventure playground is in a constant process of change, directed, informed and executed by the children and their playing. Children's play is supported by playworkers- the staff who prioritize child- directed play and support children through that lens. An Adventure Playground is a place of psychological safety and calculated risk-- a rare space where children can try new things and assess their own capabilities and grow as they're ready. There are no prefabricated, adult manufactured play structures here, only creations and structures which children have imagined and created.   

KOOP Adventure Play is a project that offers Adventure Play programming in a variety of ways as part of our advocacy and education about children's right to play freely. While our sites change, one thing remains the same: play is the priority here.

More Information On Adventure Play

Read more about the 16 different play types by Bob Hughes

Read Alex's blog: "How to use play types to increase play opportunities"

It is a fabulous description of the play types in action. 

To read about the Benefits of Play by world renowned Playworker Professor, Fraser Brown, taken from his incredibly insightful book Play & Playwork 101 stories of Children Playing

Photo Album

Adventure Playgrounds

Around The World

AP Kith and Kids
koop spring break_edited

Photos are taken from the Anarchy Zone, Berkley Adventure Playground, and Play:Ground NYC's "The Yard".

There are also a few from Europe, Kith and Kids

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