What is KOO?

Founded in 2014, KOOP stands for Kid Owned and Operated Play, offering kids a new way to play. KOOP's vision of a permanent playground will be a piece of land where children can develop, design and take ownership of their own space.


KOOP's "loose parts" may include wood chips, stumps, wood scraps, tires, huge pipes, ropes, mud, shovels, rakes,  and other raw materials used to build, dig, get messy, create, explore and do anything imaginable. This type of playground has no prefabricated equipment or structured activities allowing children of all ages to use whatever they find to imagine, create and play. 


Benefits of Self-Directed Play


  • builds confidence

  • boosts creativity

  • enables self-expression

  • teaches overcoming obstacles

  • helps understand risk

  • experiential education

  • fosters communication

  • develops responsibility

  • encourages collaboration


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