What is KOO?

Founded in 2015, KOOP stands for Kid Owned and Operated Play, now known only as KOOP Adventure Play.

KOOP Adventure Play's mission is to incorporate self-directed play all over our community thereby cultivating a culture that values and expands upon play opportunity and provision for children, youth and even adults! 

Currently, amid the pandemic, KOOP's services are limited. But in the past we've run a daily after school adventure play program, spring, summer and winter camps, community pop-up events at parks, libraries, museums and schools and even been invited guests for enrichment "classes" at public schools. KOOP aims to bring meaningful play provision to children and youth while also working with adults to consult, plan and train on what meaningful play provision can look like in your site. 

Get in touch if you're curious how we can work together!


Benefits of Self-Directed Play


  • builds confidence

  • boosts creativity

  • enables self-expression

  • teaches overcoming obstacles

  • helps understand risk

  • experiential education

  • fosters communication

  • develops responsibility

  • encourages collaboration